Our bulk department is very popular among shoppers because it allows them to purchase as little or as much as they need. Choosing how much to purchase rather than having to buy a predetermined amount is economically advantageous, especially when buying expensive herbs or spices. Buying in bulk also means that customers do not have to pay additional money to cover the packaging costs of goods. Buying in bulk is environmentally friendly as well because it helps to reduce both food and packaging waste. Shoppers are encouraged to bring their own bags/containers when buying in bulk, however we do have paper bags and sanitized recycled jars available for use in the store.

Items that we offer in bulk:

  • Coffee
  • Nuts and Snack Mixes
  • Flours and Sweeteners
  • Grains, Beans, and Rice
  • Spices, Herbs, and Teas
  • Honey, Oils, and other Liquids
  • Artisan Soaps

Tips for buying in bulk:

  • Please be sure to mark the PLU number of your bulk item on the container that you put it in (this will let the cashier know what the item is and help to create a more seamless checkout experience).
  • If you bring your own container, then please weigh the container and indicate the weight prior to filling it up (this ensures that you are not charged for the weight of the container).
  • Please use separate containers for each item purchased, even if the items cost the same price per pound (this helps us to keep track of our inventory and makes sure that we're ringing you up for the appropriate items). 
Bulk Department



Trying to figure out what is in your bag? We now have a mini-database that helps you match the PLU Code to the bulk item.

Bulk Item Lookup