One of the benefits of Potsdam Food Co-op ownership is the Buying Club. Harkening back to the co-op buying clubs that flourished in the 1960s and 70s, The Buying Club allows Co-op Member-Owners to take advantage of the store's buying power to reduce food costs.  Co-op Member-Owners are able to place wholesale orders and buy in bulk through the store at a great savings over the retail rate. This is one way the Co-op can help you to control rising food costs while purchasing natural food and products.  

General Buying Club Guidelines:

You must be a current Member-Owner of the Potsdam Food Co-op to use the Buying Club.
Buying Club purchases are not eligible for any discounts. 
The prices of our suppliers are subject to change without notice. The prices in the catalog may vary from the actual order price.
You are responsible for knowing when your order is due to arrive and for picking it up in a timely manner. Ordering deadline and pick up are found on this page.
All orders must be picked up within 2 days of arrival. Orders not picked up within the 2 day period will be assessed a 5% surcharge for each additional week.
Please check all orders carefully at pick up. Some items cannot be returned once they leave the store. (Please see Return Policy)

Buying Club Instructions:

To Order: Consult the online catalog at the Buying Club computer, search for your items, and add them to your cart. There will not be a formal "Check Out" button. Any items present in your cart at the time of the weekly order deadline will be ordered.

***(If you experience difficulty finding specific products and the appropriate number for your item(s) please do not hesitate to ask for assistance in completing your order. We are here to help.)
To Pick Up Your Order:  Locate your product on the shelf and bring it to the register, or ask a cashier for assistance in locating. Please remember to carefully check your product to make sure it is what you ordered. Tell the cashier your name and they will retrieve your payment slip.

Buying Club Return Policy: 

All returns are charged a 25% restocking fee by the supplier. The Co-op in turn must pass this charge on to the customer.  Exceptions are made if mistakes are by the Co-op or the supplier.  
Perishable and frozen items cannot be returned - please check these items carefully! 
Non-perishable returns must be made within 5 days of your pick up and must be accompanied by your order form and your sales receipt.
Because of these rules it is very important that you carefully check your orders when they are placed and picked up. Make sure you have entered the correct order number and that you have received the correct item when you pick it up. If you have any questions when placing orders, please ask for help.
United Natural Foods Orders (UNFI)

UNFI is the most commonly used distributor in the store. Their catalog includes most of the grocery items on the shelves.

Items are available as "each" or "case." Please verify your desired quantity before placing an order. For "each" there is a three-piece minimum unless the price of one single unit is $25.00 or greater.
The mark-up is approximately 15% above the UNFI wholesale price. Calculate your estimated cost by multiplying the wholesale price by 1.15.  Wholesale prices vary in some instances. Actual prices are calculated from the invoice that arrives with your order.
If you are ordering from the sale catalog, please check the case quantity requirements needed for the special discount.

Ordering deadline: Monday, 6 am (online)

Pick up: Tuesday, between 4 pm and 7pm