The purpose of Co-op Board committees is to involve membership and to support the  Board’s work to fulfill its mission. Committees ordinarily will assist the  Board by preparing policy alternatives and implications for Board deliberation. All member-owners are welcome to attend committee and  Board of Directors meetings. Member-owners are also able to serve on any of these advisory committees. If interested in joining a committee, please contact the Committee Chairperson.

Governance/Nominating Committee

This committee recommends policies to the  Board pertaining to governance issues and processes, including the orientation and training of new  Board members, the evaluation and improvement of the contribution of individual  Board members and officers, and the recommendation of Bylaw changes. The committee will develop a roster of potential  Board members based on the  Board profile, and will nominate all  Board members and officers. The committee also provides the  Board with candidates for vacancies that occur during a  Board term.

  • Current Chair: Joseph Andriano
  • Meeting Time: First Monday of every month from 4:30pm - 5:30pm above the Carriage House

Finance Committee

This committee will develop and recommend to the  Board those financial principles, plans, and courses of action that provide for mission accomplishment and financial well-being. Consistent with this responsibility, it will review the annual budget and submit it to the  Board for its approval. In addition, the committee shall make recommendations with regard to the level and terms of indebtedness, cash management, investment policy, risk management, financial monitoring and reports, employee benefit plans, signatory authority for expenditures, and other policies for inclusion in the BPM that the committee determines are advisable for effective financial management. The Finance Committee will examine the financial ramifications of policy changes. It shall recommend an external auditor for the  Board approval, and review the audit.

  • Committee Chair: Marshall Issen
  • Meeting Time: Second Tuesday of every month from 5:00pm - 6:00pm above the Carriage House

Outreach Committee

This committee concentrates on widening our organizational vision to expand membership. The committee is responsible for membership issues; including increasing membership, retaining established members, communicating with the membership regarding membership issues and benefits, and encouraging membership participation as committee members and volunteers. The committee will co-ordinate the annual membership meeting in February, create and improve non-monetary membership benefits and events. The committee will co-ordinate the June and September membership potlucks to ensure greatest possible attendance for member discussion of any current issues and financial information proposed by the  Board, Finance and Executive committees. The committee will coordinate, tally, and summarize the annual membership survey to be published in the summer newsletter. This committee is also responsible for marketing and outreach, including the planning of events such as the Annual Open House, Annual Baking Fest and Silent Auction, local health fairs, and various other in-store and local happenings.

  • Committee Chair: Aviva Gold
  • Meeting Time: First Tuesday of every month from 5:30pm - 6:30pm above the Carriage House

IT & Web Committee

This commitee is responsible to evaluating technology use and website maintenance. It looks at the ways that technology can be used to support the Co-op such as file sharing, data management, cloud backups, wifi and server administration. One of the main tasks of this committee is to make sure we are using any and all tools that help promote our online image. We work with the Outreach Committee to coordinate programs that reach as many members and non-members as possible.

  • Committee Chair: Aaron Scott
  • Meeting Time: Second Wednesday of every month from 5:00pm - 6:00pm pm above the Carriage House